freeCodeCamp is Launching a Podcast in Chinese


Hello, everyone! I am Miya Liu. And I’m excited to announce the launch of the freeCodeCamp Chinese Podcast.

In this podcast, we’ll bring you the inspiring learning and career development stories of developers, technical content creators, and other tech professionals We’ll also share their insights into the world of tech with you.

This week we’ll release the first three episodes:

Liu Rui with his daughter

Ep. 1 – Liu Rui: Enjoy Coding and Live with Developer’s Mindset

Liu Rui is an engineer with 15 years of experience in Java development. Over the past few years, he has published many articles and video tutorials on the freeCodeCamp community publication and YouTube channel.

When Liu Rui was in junior high school, he was inspired to learn about computers and coding because of his father’s enthusiasm for teaching himself coding. Then Liu Rui taught himself Java in university.

In this episode, he shares how he grows from a developer without confidence to a software architect, and how he lives with the wisdom he’s gained from coding – not wanting to repeat himself, accepting imperfections, and compromising wisely. He also talks about teaching his daughters to code 🙂

Papaya Huang

Ep. 2 – Papaya Huang: Coding is My Hogwarts

Papaya taught herself to code in her thirties. Now, she is a front-end developer working with a remote team.

She is big fan of Harry Potter, and she feels that the process of exploring the world of code is quite like going to Hogwarts: even though there’s a number of obstacles, she keeps solving problems and having fun in the process.

She talks about her love for coding in this episode, and how she has overcome various challenges as a learner. She also shares a bunch of useful and interesting books, video tutorials, and APIs.

Chen Zhicheng
Chen Zhicheng

Ep. 3 – Chen Zhicheng: Front End Development vs Back End Development

Zhicheng is an experienced full-stack engineer. When he was in junior high school, he worked with his father to develop a grade management system for his school using Visual Basic. And while he was at university, he worked with his teacher to build a Q&A platform to answer all kinds of questions from students.

In the first few years of his work, he always worked overtime, and his work and life were out of balance. So, he quit his job and became a “digital nomad”.

After understanding the meaning of life a bit better, he completed all the freeCodeCamp certifications within one month, systematically studied front-end development and NodeJS, and got a job at a big company. Now, he works as a technical lead at a start-up.

In this episode, Zhicheng shares his learning and working experience, his insights into front-end and back-end development, and how he’s exploring his life’s mission.

See You in the freeCodeCamp Chinese Podcast

We plan to post one episode every Friday.

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Happy coding!


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